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Marsha Chan's Presentations

Phrase by Phrase

What Experts Say

Phrase by Phrase enjoys wide recognition among professionals.

Clear and comprehensive

"I like the high-interest topics, CLEAR explanations, sound pedagogy and comprehensiveness of Phrase by Phrase, along with its measured presentation of material in logical sequence. My ESL students enjoy using the tapes and videos and tell me they use them for years after the class ends. That's a real testimonial to the effectiveness of Phrase by Phrase. I heartily recommend the techniques and approach to teaching pronunciation. Even if you're not an expert on phonetics, you can teach a sound course in accent reduction with these materials." - Susan Stann, ESL Department, DeAnza College

Authentic, engaging and stimulating

Dr. Joy M. Reid, prolific author, TESOL Past President, and University of Wyoming Professor, exclaimed, "We use Phrase by Phrase videos every day of every year. The tapes are an integral, and a successful, part of the International Teaching Assistants (ITA) training course." Her colleague Sandra Clark elaborates, "Students interact with Phrase by Phrase videos right away. Chan's conversational and melodic voice is charged with an energy that engages and stimulates students. They are as close to *authentic* speech as one can get!"

Helps students excel on SPEAK test

I have been using Phrase by Phrase, with the video and audio tapes, in my classroom for a year now. I am very pleased wth the results. My students love it, and several did quite well on the SPEAK test just after one semester! - Susan Boland, Old Dominion University

Excellent for teacher training

"I've used Phrase by Phrase for years and love its clarity as well as its variety. Segmentals and suprasegmentals are included in each lesson so that they aren't seen as unrelated and so that they're not boring or dry. Another excellent feature is the recycling of important concepts throughout the learning material. International doctoral students in the basic medical sciences respond very positively to Phrase by Phrase; they really see improvement in their oral communication. In addition, I strongly recommend the videotapes for teacher training, as basic pronunciation concepts are demonstrated by the author, who is an excellent teacher." - Dr. Susan Eggly, School of Medicine, Wayne State University

Useful and effective for library patrons

The exercises stress language concepts such as syllables, lessons that aid the viewer in improving oral English skills and pronunciation. The lessons have a logical progression and build upon previous concepts. They contain clear explanations that are repeated to aid comprehension. These videos are a useful and effective choice for ESL students. - Denise A. Garofalo, Mid-Hudson Lib. Sys., Poughkeepsie, NY, Library Journal

Perfect for visual and auditory learners

"What really distinguishes Phrase by Phrase from other text-tape combinations is the videotape that complements the textbook, to the advantage of students with either visual or auditory learning orientations. We have found Phrase by Phrase very useful for foreign teaching assistants." - Sandra Clark and Samantha Thompson, lecturers in ESL, University of Wyoming, Laramie, TESOL Journal

Fun for learners

Phrase by Phrase is useful and fun. It's very appropriate for people like me that understand the basics of English but still struggle with vocabulary because of hearing and distinguishing words in sentences. The lessons teach you how to listen to and use stress and intonation for better understanding both of what you hear and what you say. You learn proper tongue and teeth positioning, and the video especially adds comedy to the lessons. Any time learning can be lightened with laughter, it's good! - Ms. Mayfield, Teacher's Aide, South Lake Tahoe School District

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