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Marsha Chan's Presentations

Phrase by Phrase

Pronunciation and Listening in American English
(Second Edition)

PBP 2e book cover

by Marsha Chan

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The Phrase by Phrase Student Text provides prelistening activities, listening comprehension exercises, and detailed presentations and how to pronounce all the sounds in the English language.

  • Vocabulary Focus exercises and illustrations help you predict the content of the passages you will listen to.
  • A Listening Passage begins each lesson. All the sounds in each lesson are contextualized in an interesting story, dialog or monolog.
  • Listening Comprehension exercises help you test your ability to understand main ideas and details as well as make inferences based on the listening passage.
  • Listening Cloze exercises focus your attention on listening to specific words and sounds in the listening passage.
  • Sound Focus exercises present specific sound features to train your ears to hear and your mouth to pronounce. Instructions are clearly explained and demonstrated.
  • Sounds in Context: Phrase by Phrase exercises allow you to listen holistically for sounds in context, and practice pronouncing short phrases, longer phrases, and finally complete sentences.
  • The On Your Own pronunciation component encourages learners to practice and analyze their pronunciation.
  • End-of-chapter Topics for Composition provide expanded speaking and writing opportunities.
  • Expansion Activities provide learners with opportunitites to interact and practice using their new skills in a varied contexts.

What's New in the Second Edition

  • Print, audio, and video materials are fully coordinated; instructions specify when and how to use the components in an integrated and effective way.
  • Vocabulary and cloze items have been revised with consideration given to frequency based on corpus data.
  • Sound Focus exercises have been expanded to include material previously available only on video and additional practical exercises for pairs. Illustrations and improved formatting enhance pronunciation and listening concepts and tasks.
  • New oral composition topics are provided for all chapters, and they specify the sounds to apply. New assessment questions guide students to monitor their pronunciation of the chapter passage and the oral composition.
  • A whole new section, EXPANSION ACTIVITIES, presents interactive exercises for pairs and small groups to further practice the sound focuses presented in each chapter. Included are information gaps, dialogs, games, and dictations.
  • A Pronunciation Scoring Guideline provides a method for an instructor to evaluate studentsí pronunciation holistically.
  • The Stress Stretch technique, well-known to participants in Marsha Chan's pronunciation workshops, is another bonus feature.


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