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Look in the Lake

Communicative Pronunciation Card Games

by Marsha Chan

Look in the Lake Deck

Set of ten decks

Dogs or ducks? Beds or beads? Fans or vans? Look in the Lake is an effective and entertaining way for students to practice English pronunciation of words having similar sounds, to reinforce common sentence patterns, and to use polite language.

Language Objectives

  • To pronounce clearly
  • To listen carefully
  • To distinguish words with similar consonant and vowel sounds
  • To distinguish singular and plural nouns with /s/, /z/ and /iz/ endings
  • To practice polite language (turn-taking, repetition, clarification, confirmation, thanking, showing appreciation)

A complete set includes ten different decks – each requiring the aural/oral distinction of 13 similarly pronounced words. Decks 1–9 contain single-word cards. Deck 10, advanced, contains phrases for practice of both possessives and plurals. Each deck can be used by up to five players for a regular game or eight players for a shorter variation. Take advantage of multiple-set pricing. For example, for a class of 25, you may wish to order five sets.

Each set of ten decks includes a Teacher’s Resource CD containing PowerPoint presentations, Transparencies/Handouts, Word lists, Plurals, Sentence patterns, Instructions for playing different games, and playing options.

Suitable for players of all ages!

Click to download a flyer listing all of the words.