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Homophone Cards


By Elaine Kirn

Homophones—words with the same pronunciation but different spellings and meanings—cause trouble for language learners, even native speakers! As they motivate and entertain, these innovative two-sided word-and-picture homophone card decks clear up the confusion. Useful as flash cards or matching items—and for engaging, competitive language games, the materials facilitate and reinforce instruction in spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary (word explanations and usage in context). Accompanying each set of card decks is a reproducible teacher-resource idea book. Each book contains sound and spelling charts, instructions for group activities and games, level-appropriate homophone quizzes and stories, and extensive reference lists of homophone pairs at three levels of difficulty.

Beginning Level Card Decks 1-6: 54 Homophone Pairs, with 32-page activity booklet

Intermediate Level Card Decks 7-11: 90 Homophone Pairs, with 44-page activity booklet

Advanced Level Card Decks 12-15: 104 Homophone Pairs, with 32-page activity booklet

sample card 1 front sample card 1 back
sample card 2 front sample card 2 back


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