Introduction to the World Wide Web

A Workshop for Teachers in the Peralta Community College District

Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web

Please refer to your handout for concepts and examples.

Online World Wide Web Guides

Streaming Video and Audio

Instead of having to download an entire audio or video file BEFORE you can use it, streaming files download AS you use them.

Download the RealPlayer from Real.Com
Natrifical - The Brain
Natrificial Software Technologies developed The Brain, an information management system. Their series of tutorials effectively use RealFlash combined with screenshots of the software. Check out some tutorial chapters.
Chapter One

CNN Interactive. The streaming formats that CNN Interactive currently supports are RealVideo and Windows Media.

CNN Live Audio on Demand
CNN Live Video on Demand

Live Chat

Mission College Chat Center
Yahoo Clubs
Dave's ESL Cafe Chat Central

Searching on the Internet

If you are looking for a particular organization, and it is large, and you know the name and domain type, you can often guess the URL according to naming conventions. For example, to find the home page of the following places:

The White House, type in the Location box
University of California at Berkeley, type
Costco, type (or just costco)

There are two types of search tools for general web searching.

Subject directories use a subject-type format. For example, click on Recreation & Sports, and get subcategories Amusement Parks, Cooking, Fitness Sports, and Travel

Yahoo! is a very popular directory.

Keyword search engines maintain indexes of key words used in web pages. Many popular search engines are listed and annotated on the PBS web page Understanding and Using the Internet Beginners Guide

Finding Information on the Internet

This excellent tutorial from the UC Berkeley Library introduces you to the Internet and WWW, teaches you how to analyze a topic, choose a search tool, and use a variety of search engines.

Sample Web Assignments for ESL Students

Thanksgiving Web Search
thanksgiving.html ESL students learn about the history and mearning of Thanksgiving in the USA and thanksgiving as a human universal. They then respond to questions.

Halloween Web Search halloween.html ESL students learn about this popular American children's festival by viewing websites with text, graphics and sound. They then respond to questions.

Vacation Travel Project VacaProj.html Students in an ESL writing class each plan a trip outside of California on a budget of $2,000. They use information from web, print and interview resources.They then write a report about their travel plan.

Basic Terminology and Sentence Structure Identification ESL students in an online advanced grammar and editing course read a news article published on the CNN Interactive web site and analyze the sentence structure.

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