CATESOL Featured Colloquium 2002
San Francisco, CA

Technology: A New Era in Learning


How has technology affected our teaching? How has it changed the lives of our students? Do we fear misusing technology? Are we turning our students into "fast food" learners? TELL Interest Group teachers have used technology in a variety of ways--both high and low tech--with many different levels of students. These educators will discuss the pedagogical impact of the new tools on themselves and their students. They consider both the gains and the possible downsides as we enter a new era in learning.


Elizabeth Hanson-Smith

Introductory remarks [speech]
A Brief History of Call Theory [paper]


Andrea Uram, Gavilan CC & Cerro Coso College

California Virtual Campus web site
Technology's Impact on My Teaching and on My Students [speech] [paper]

Maggie Sokolik, College Writing Programs, UC Berkeley

Student Perception of Classroom Technology [speech] [paper]

Cecilia Gomez, Dyned International & Center of Excellence, San Jose

Web site
CALL and Meaningful Learning [speech] [paper]

Marsha Chan, Sunburst Media and Mission College

Web site
Technology and the Teaching of Oral Skills [speech] [paper]

Antonella Cortese, SDSU, Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition at USCD, Mira Costa College, & Oceanside USD

Attitudes and Opinions about Computers and Computer Games, Inside and Outside the Classroom [speech] [paper]

Questions and Answers [Q&A]