Integrating Technology into the Whole Educational Experience

Under the leadership of President Michael Rao, Mission College has made great strides towards the integration of technology into the total educational experience. With effective use of discretionary funds, a Title III grant, a Packard Grant and extensive training, Mission College has made significant progress in the last two years. Our panel includes Marsha Chan, Patrick Hudak, Bruce Judd, and Jane Patton. They are listed below in presentation order.

Bruce Judd (Chief Technology Officer)

This presentation will focus on infrastructure and planning for technology. It will cover the work of the Technology Planning Committee on the Technology Plan and Packard Grant, infrastructure changes, Fiber Optic backbone, Cat5 wiring, desktop computers, lab upgrades/academic network /current resources, multimedia classrooms, and future directions.

Jane Patton (Speech Communications Faculty and Title III Coordinator)

This presentation will discuss how this college's federal Title III Grant has assisted the college in integrating technology across the curriculum. Topics to be discussed: Staff development activities in technology; supporting curriculum writing; purchasing hardware and software; Grant-supported projects e.g. developing Internet courses, using Powerpoint in lectures; and changing teaching delivery techniques. Patton's PowerPoint presentation (.pdf file)

Patrick Hudak: (ESL Faculty and Title III)

"Strengthening Institutional Management Through the Development of a Decision Support System (DSS)." In this presentation, we will discuss Mission College's development of a Decision Support System(DSS) as funded by a college federal Title III Grant. The DSS is designed to strengthen institutional management (in areas such as research & planning, course scheduling, admissions and records, and counseling to name a few), and decision making by establishing relational databases for effective administration and increasing productivity of various user groups. Hudak's PowerPoint presentation (.pdf file)

Marsha Chan (ESL Faculty)

This presenter will describe various technologies used in her ESL courses including: on-line chats, collaborative writing on computers, email, digital camera, Hypercard, Netscape, PictureTel video-conferencing, World Wide Web and more traditional technologies: language laboratory, video tape, voice mail, tape recorders. Chan's PowerPoint presentation

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Marsha Chan's Presentations