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2014 Best of Sunnyvale Award

2013 Best of Sunnyvale Award

Spelling Fusion

Interactive software

Learn to spell and pronounce words in English!

Online demo

Spelling Fusion teaches and tests beginning to advanced learners a wide range of language and literacy skills at four language levels.


  • Over 3500 key words arranged in 12 main groups and 95 topics
  • Teaches and tests the spelling of singular and plural forms of over 3500 English words
  • Develops vocabulary skills in context
  • Records learner's voice
  • Spelling tests and listening recognition tests for every topic
  • Word games for every topic
  • Student tracking module
  • Print worksheets,  tests, reports
  • All activities are interactive with spoken and visual feedback.

Provides for each head word:

  • Photo or animation
  • Pronunciation of singular and plural forms
  • Spoken and written context sentence
  • Four spelling activities for each of the singular and plural word forms
  • Identify syllables and stress in the word
  • Word information
  • Type the word from memory
  • Type the word in new context sentences
  • Number of syllables per word as an aid for pronunciation

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Multi-user and network licenses available

Ask about our free 30-day software trial.

System requirements:

  • Multimedia computer with Windows®
  • Recommended hardware, processor and RAM for your version of Windows®
  • Microphone, speakers/headphones
  • Install program only: 7 MB hard disk space
  • Install program and copy CD-ROM to hard disk (multi-user licenses only): 185 MB