READ/San Diego Tutor Conference

June 12, 2010 at the Joan Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice, UC San Diego

Workshop 1: Promoting Clearer Pronunciation

2.5 hours

This workshop will provide participants with approaches for helping English language learners improve their pronunciation. The presenter will explain features of spoken English that affect intelligibility. You'll learn why some non-native speakers are easy to understand while others are not. You'll gain knowledge about the role of a speaker's perception, production, and self-monitoring. You'll practice methods to hear, feel, and "see" speech. As you become more perceptive, you'll increase your ability to tutor pronunciation. You'll use simple items such as paper and mirrors and make specific body movements to help learners speak more clearly. You'll see how to put iPods, cell phones, CDs, and laptops to work for you and your tutees. You'll engage in games and exercises that focus on pronunciation, phonics, and spelling, and reflect on how these activities promote literacy. Pronunciation is physical. Be prepared listen, speak, and move. Dress comfortably. Register to win an autographed book!

Conference organizer: Valerie Hardie

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