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Pronunciation Doctor's Online Oral Skills Clinic

Pronunciation and Accent Modification for Foreign Born Professionals

Are you a foreign-born professional who needs to speak English on the job? Do your thoughts ever come to your mind more quickly than your mouth can speak? Do you want to improve the impression you make on people?

Give your ears and mouth the gift of proper training: Train your ears to listen for the pronunciation elements that make a difference in oral communication. Train your lips, tongue, throat, and breath to produce sounds and sound patterns appropriately. With more controlled accuracy, you can learn to speak with greater fluency and ease.

Polishing your pronunciation can help you express yourself more comfortably in conversation, and it can improve other people's perception of you as a capable, credible and trustworthy person.

Now you can improve your English pronunciation skills on your own or with a class.

Self-Study Method

Order the Phrase by Phrase textbook and videotapes and study the 16 lessons in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Each lesson provides a context for language for listening. It focuses on sound patterns that help you develop auditory sensitivity and improve accuracy. You will learn important points of rhythm, stress, intonation, and the articulation of vowels and consonants.

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Oral Skills Coaching

Designed for the self-disciplined foreign-born professional, Pronunciation Doctor’s Online Oral Skills Clinic allows you to improve your oral English skills in the comfort of your own home and receive individualized assistance from an oral communication specialist.

You will observe audio and video models of clear American speech, follow weekly assignments, and receive detailed instruction on how to pronounce English sounds, phrases, and connected speech more accurately, fluently, and confidently.

After practicing with the text, audio, video and online exercises, you will meet “Pronunciation Doctor” Marsha Chan at your scheduled appointment time via Skype or other web-based communication system. During this online clinic, she will give you personal guidance, support, and a prescription for improving your oral skills.

Pronunciation Doctor's Online Clinic

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